Juice it

  1. The juice of fruits and vegetables contain majority of the vitamins and minerals found in them (raw of course) so when you drinking it up, you’re actually taking in more vitamins and minerals than when you’re eating them cooked.
  2. There’s a higher intake of vegetables you probably hate eating or never eat, of course when it is juiced with a good combination of yummy fruits. E.g. I hate spinach and broccoli and I’m more likely to drink them when I  juice them with sweet apples and cucumber. It smells like grass to many people but it really doesn’t taste so bad as it looks.
  3. If you juice them yourself, you’ll know exactly what’s in it, no colourants, no preservatives and 100% real juice.
  4. You have less sweet cravings because the sweet and delicious juices satisfy your sweet cravings to a great extent.
  5. Drinking the juice and not eating the fruits and vegetables whole will likely lead to less fibre intake so you can really control it as a setting on your juicer if you prefer to have more fibre in your juice.
  6. Don’t over do it because if you drink huge quantities of juice per day, it could add up to large amounts of calories. Even though you’re not drinking sugary drinks, the fruits themselves contain natural sugars which are still calories.

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